What Is Imagine

What is Imagine

Imagine is the all-styles music competition for young artists that takes a different approach to the typical ‘music competition’. By promoting musical quality, originality, diversity, creativity, safe sound and gender issues, Imagine creates a unique platform for young musicians to gain professional experience in a positive environment that enables them to develop their musical careers, self confidence and understanding of different peoples and cultures. All events have an educational/social dimension including trainings, workshops and master-classes from industry professionals. Competitions are held annually on a national scale in Belgium, Croatia, France, Malawi, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden and Zimbabwe and culminate each year with the Imagine Festival and the International Imagine Final. 

Past international winners include:

2013: Were (Zimbabwe)
2012: Gustaf (Sweden)
2011: Algot (Sweden)

Imagine is a program of JMI

JMI is currently the world’s largest youth and music network, developing demand-driven programs to empower youth on local, national and international levels. JMI has member organisaitons in over 80 countries with 36,000 activities outreaching 6,000,000 young people and children.JMI champions greater access to music learning for young audiences, creates opportunities to the world’s youth to become musicians, advocates and raises awareness for quality formal and non-formal music education for young people. Music is an important tool for building sustainable human development cooperation, as music brings people together, breaks down barriers, creates platforms for dialogue and boosts creative potential. Since 1945 JMI has been ‘Making a Difference through Music’, bridging social, geographical and cultural divides to create an international platform for intercultural dialogue, learning and understanding.


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